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    Andy Murray And David Beckham Left Off English New Year’s Honours List

    Sports fans are preparing for yearend matches ahead of New Year’s Day to close out 2013.  But England is also compiling its New Year’s Honours List for 2013, which acknowledges contributions from celebrities to England’s well-being with awards of knighthood. One of the biggest acknowledgements was to knight David Bernstein as a Commander in the …

    Betting On Ronnie O’Sullivan Returning To World Snooker Championship

    What might the game of snooker pool be like without the performance of ‘The Rocket’ Ronnie O’Sullivan?  The English player is one of the most successful snooker stars of all time, and his playing style is renowned for his showmanship. O’Sullivan earned his nickname for his ability to both play and win games much faster …

    How The Game Of Poker Runs Parallel To Christmas Day

    This may seem somewhat unorthodox, but the game of poker is in many ways similar to Christmas Day.  Many of the traits required to win a poker game are also trademarks of gift-giving during the holiday season.  Subsequent feelings of joy and excitement over winning a game or a tournament run parallel to jubilant feelings …

    Former Football Striker Michael Owen Bets Liverpool Win Premier League

    The battle for top spot in the Premier League is a two-way race between Arsenal and Liverpool.  While Arsenal is currently at the top of the standings, former football striker Michael Owen believes Liverpool is the stronger contender to become the Premier League champions. Owen played for a number of Premier League clubs prior to …

    NBA Commissioner Pays Tribute To Passing Of Nelson Mandela

    The world is honouring the memory of Nelson Mandela after the 91-year old succumbed to a respiratory infection on December 5.  The former South African President is being remembered as a civil rights leader, a freedom fighter, and one of the greatest civil libertarians in the history of the world. But the NBA is also …

    Andy Murray Named Sports Personality Of The Year By BBC

    Andy Murray became a national hero in the UK after winning the Men’s Singles Championship at Wimbledon this past summer.  The victory ended one of the longest droughts in British professional sports, as Murray became the first British man since 1936 to win one of tennis’ prestigious Grand Slam tournaments. The victory cemented Murray as …

    Rafael Nadal Wins European Poker Tour Charity Challenge In Prague

    The European Poker Tour Charity Challenge was one of the events headlining the leg of the tour hosted in Prague, capital of the Czech Republic.  The Charity Challenge brought together poker and sports professionals for an exciting game on the felt in the interests of the charities each player represented, respectively. But the event was …

    188Bet To Launch The 12 Days Of Holiday Promotions Through December

    The holiday season is upon us – only two weeks left until the big day.  In celebration of the spirit of the season, 188Bet is running 12 days of promotions that will reward participants with special bonuses each day. The promotional period kicks off on December 12, and will conclude on December 23.  Players can …

    Prepare For Final Matches Of UEFA Champions League Group Stage

    This week marks the final matchups of the UEFA Champions League Group Stage.  There are 32 teams competing in the Group Stage; 16 of which will move onto the Knockout Phase of the Champions League, 8 others will qualify for the UEFA Europa League, and the remaining 8 will see their seasons come to an …

    UK Snooker Championship Semifinal Matches Set Stage For Finals

    On November 26, the world’s top pool players were summoned to the Barbican Centre in York England for the UK Snooker Championship.  The tournament is the second largest pool tournament in the world, and will conclude on December 8 with a new snooker champion. The incumbent UK snooker champion is Mark Selby, who will compete …