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    Boost Your Winnings With The Right Bet On Superbowl Sunday

    The end of the NFL season is here as American football fans prepare for Superbowl weekend, one of the biggest sporting events in the world.  Superbowl XLIX is only the third time in 21 seasons that the number one seeds of each NFL conference qualified for the championship game, and the Superbowl game will kick …

    Kick Into The Quarterfinal Round At The Africa Cup Of Nations

    The Africa Cup of Nations enters the quarterfinal round this weekend for two days of intense football competition.  Two of the fixtures will be played in the city of Bata and the remaining two games will be on the pitch in Malabo, which is where the CAF Final and Third Place games will be played …

    Hidden Bonuses Are Waiting To Be Found By Pinocchio

    The story behind Pinocchio is beloved by millions of people around the world.  Children grew up with animated versions of the puppet who became a real boy, and the story was the foundation of many other works of fiction. Pinocchio also became a popular character used to design board games, and later to develop online …

    The FA Cup Continues To Be The Notorious Giant Slayer

    Can you say “giant slayers?” The FA Cup has a notorious reputation of lower seeded football clubs upsetting the top bets to win each round, but this weekend’s round was one of the biggest upsets imaginable. Football pundits were betting that many Premier League based teams would win their fixtures and advance into the fifth …

    Want To Make Some Money Betting On The FA Cup?

    The fourth round of the FA Cup begins today when Cambridge and Manchester United kick off at Abbey Stadium north of London.  The game begins a busy weekend in the Cup with 11 more fixtures on the schedule tomorrow, plus 3 more games on Sunday, and a final faceoff on Monday. Once the winners of …

    Cash In By Betting On Winners At Africa Cup Of Nations

    The 2015 Africa Cup of Nations is on in Equatorial Guinea as teams across the African continent compete in the biannual competition.  Many players that compete in European league football are lacing up with their national team colours for the competition, including Manchester City’s Yaya Toure and Wilfried Bony on the Ivory Coast football team. …

    Yaya Toure And Wilfried Bony Lead Ivory Coast At CAF

    Two members of Manchester City’s senior side are currently overseas playing in the Africa Cup of Nations.  City midfielder Yaya Toure is captain of the Ivory Coast football team and is leading his compatriots through their opening group.  Meanwhile, new City forward Wilfried Bony left the UK after one game in the Premier League to …

    Good Week For Chelsea But Upsetting Loss For City

    A wider lead opened up at the top of the Premier League standings following this weekend’s excitement.  The odds predicted that Chelsea and Manchester City would win their weekend fixtures, but only the top seeded football club earned three extra points by Sunday night. Chelsea hit the road for South Wales on Saturday for an …

    Samir Nasri Will Miss 3 Weeks Due To An Injury

    Manchester City prepares to kick off against Arsenal on Sunday as the blue squad welcomes the Gunners to Etihad.  The game is an important fixture for the home side, which is currently two points behind Chelsea for top spot in the Premier League standings.  A big win over Arsenal, combined with a draw or loss …

    The Frank Lampard Loan Saga Opens Door To Mix Diskerud

    Still reeling from the controversial Frank Lampard loan saga, the owners of Manchester City and the New York City FC found a way to appease North American football fans.  The New York club announced that 24 year old Mix Diskerud will join their side after playing for the most successful football team in Norway. City …