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    Relive Favourite Blockbuster Moments In 3D Slot Form

    One of the most popular adaptations within online and mobile gaming is games that are based off successful entertainment franchises.  Producers of box office movies and breakout television series are always looking for ways to optimize their productions, which means licensing the concepts out to other products, increasingly including slots. Consider companies like Marvel or …

    All Euro Qualifying Wins On The UK Front This Weekend

    It was Round 5 of the Euro qualifiers this weekend.  National teams laced up to build on their team’s qualifying records to date, betting on finishing the first half of the round on a high note. The weekend paid out very well for teams in the UK.  All four domestic sides added another notch in …

    Drive Your Mobile To A Malaysian Grand Prix Win Boost

    The F1 season began with a thrilling start at the Australian Grand Prix.  F1 champion Lewis Hamilton defended his finish in 2014 by winning the first event of the 2015 season, and is betting on another victory lap at the Malaysian Grand Prix this weekend. With another Grand Prix on the schedule, now is an …

    Southampton Bets On Future Without Fraser Forster

    One of the surprising squads in the Premier League this season has been Southampton.  The Saints blew away expectations by rising to second place on the league table early in the season behind only Chelsea until a midseason slump allowed Manchester City, and later other top seeded football clubs to overtake the Saints on the …

    Here We Are In The Golden Era Of Slots

    Cinema awards in these days are not necessarily worth what they once were, possibly because there are so many awards handed out to actors.  But red carpet events still bring out the best in the business, kicking off nights of glamour, glory, and when backstage, champagne fuelled memories. There was a time when cinema awards …

    Steven Gerrard Given 3 Game Ban For Stomp On Ander Herrera

    Sunday’s game between Liverpool and Manchester United was highlighted as the game of the week in the Premier League.  But the focus quickly shifted from the competing sides to Anfield’s star skipper Steven Gerrard, who played only 38 seconds of the game. Gerrard was kept on the sidelines for the first half of the fixture …

    What Is Causing A Late Season Slump At Chelsea?

    Throughout the first half of the Premier League season leading up to the holidays, Chelsea was nearly unbeatable.  The club scored 14 league wins from kickoff day on August 18th up to New Year’s Day, and was relegated to only 2 losses over that time. That incredible run allowed Chelsea to reach the summit on …

    Care To Bet On A Derby And Claim A Win Boost?

    Derby games are always exciting.  Rival teams and their supportive fans really get into the spirit of the derby, which provides an entertaining experience to fans watching in the stadium or on TV. Throughout the month of March, there were several derby fixtures scheduled across various leagues on the pitch that sports fans could bet …

    Will Brendan Rodgers Start Steven Gerrard Against United?

    Liverpool extended their fitting form in the back half of the season with a 1-0 win at Swansea last night.  The Reds will take the rest of the week off before facing archrivals Manchester United at Anfield on Sunday. That’s right, a sea of red flows through Merseyside on Sunday as the Reds host the …

    Pots Of Gold Are Yours By Outsmarting The Lucky Leprechaun

    Are you looking forward to St. Patrick’s Day?  Do you long for the day that you can swap stories with lads in a pub over green beer, and regale friends or loved ones with folk stories of leprechauns, rainbows, and pots of gold? The folk stories no longer need to exist exclusively in storybook form …