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    All Change at McLaren Next Season?

    At Suzuka on Sunday, Fernando Alonso was heard over the radio to obviously criticise Honda’s engine, clearly showing that the highly skilled Spaniard is getting frustrated with the poor performance shown by his car this season. What’s more, it was done at the home of Honda – a clear sign he was making a statement …

    Everton in Stunning Fightback to Beat West Brom

    As Monday night games go, West Brom vs Everton probably didn’t seem like the most exciting match ever arranged by the Premier League. Up until last night, West Brom had only managed four goals in the league, while Everton hadn’t been involved in too many exciting games. Those who did decide to watch the game …

    Weekend Premier League Action Brings Goals Galore

    Last weekend’s Premier League fixtures saw a blitz of goals, as teams hammered them home on a regular basis. In fact, no game saw less than three goals scored, and one match saw an incredible 7 goals in total. The seven goal bonanza came courtesy of Arsenal and Leicester, who took each other on at …

    Liverpool and Newcastle Toil in League Cup

    The League Cup 3rd round returned for its second night of action of the week, completing the fixtures and confirming the line-up for the next round. While most of the matches went as planned, there were a couple of shocks though, with Liverpool scraping through against Carlisle, and Newcastle being defeated by Sheffield Wednesday. Liverpool’s …

    League Cup 3rd Round Gets Underway

    To many, the League Cup is an unwelcome distraction that gets in the way of Premier League and European aspirations. But try telling that to Manchester City, who produced the performance of the round so far to dispatch Sunderland 4-1. Of course, Sunderland aren’t exactly the best team around at the moment, but the manner …

    USA Win Solheim Cup Amid Controversy

    After losing the previous two competitions, the USA went back to winning ways by defeating Europe at the 2015 Solheim Cup, hosted at Golf Club St. Leon-Rot in Germany. It was a close run thing though, with the American women staging a dramatic comeback to pip the Europeans at the post. Coming into the singles …

    Vettel Claims Victory at Singapore Grand Prix

    This season, it’s pretty much all been about Mercedes, with Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg almost entirely dominating every Grand Prix staged so far. So when the drivers arrived in Singapore, most people expected exactly the same to happen. What they got instead though was a strange occurrence – a race where neither of the …

    Luke Shaw Sidelined for the Season

    On Tuesday, during Manchester United’s Champions League encounter with PSV, Luke Shaw suffered the kind of injury footballers have nightmares about. While on a run deep in the opposition half, he was tackled – some say unfairly – by PSV’s Hector Moreno. What followed was a lengthy scene, whereby medical staff carefully dealt with the …

    Should Liverpool Fans be Panicking Yet?

    After Saturday’s comprehensive defeat by Manchester United, alarms bells have started to ring throughout the red half of Liverpool. Criticised for their lack of attacking threat, castigated for apparently not spending wisely in the summer, and pilloried for their reluctance to change tactics, Liverpool are a team under attack from many quarters. Manager Brendan Rodgers …

    Djokovic and Pennetta Triumph at US Open

    The US Open – the final major tournament of the tennis season – is now over, with Novak Djokovic and Flavia Pennetta taking the titles for the men’s and women’s competitions respectively. The men’s and women’s competitions couldn’t have been any different though, with one leading to an expected winner, and the other providing a …