Explore The Aztec Empire With The Golden Princess Slot

by on Thursday, April 9

Before the arrival of European explorers, the Valley of Mexico was at the heart of the Aztec Empire.  The Aztecs ruled the area for nearly 100 years, and many of the empire’s legacies live on to this day.

The Golden Princess slot recreates the Aztec Empire, and invites players to come along for the experience.  Step back in time and do your part to serve the empire, which includes making tributes to the Golden Princess who rules over the area.

You will explore the empire through a 25 payline experience that will help you uncover hidden treasures across the land.  Wild multipliers and free spins unearth mysterious bonus games, which can earn you a 125,000 coin jackpot – more than enough to give a tribute to the Golden Princess.

There is also a special win boost bonus to claim between now and April 14th.  The Golden Princess slot is the featured game of the week, which means winners can qualify for a 10 percent win boost bonus, up to £/€/$100 by playing, and winning before 11:59pm GMT on April 14th.

To make the claim, players must enter the promotional code GDP10 into the appropriate promotions box while logged into their 188Bet casino accounts.  All claims must be submitted within 7 days after the end of the promotional period – in this case, by 11:59pm GMT on April 21st.  Once a claim is processed, the win boost will be credited into the appropriate casino account within 48 hours.

Take a trip through time back to the era of the Aztecs, and uncover the hidden fortunes scattered across the empire.  Those hidden bonuses from the past could potentially change your future.