Money For Nothing In £/€100,000 Freeroll Autumn Tournaments

by on Friday, October 25

The autumn breeze instills feelings of change in the air as leaves begin to fall, colours vibrantly light up neighbourhoods, and people prepare their household budgets for the coming holiday season.

But the one thing that really brightens up the season is getting something for nothing.  In this case, online poker fans can register for any number of 188Bet Poker’s Freeroll tournaments throughout the autumn season, and potentially walk away with over £/€100,000.

The Freeroll games are available in daily and weekly doses, all open to free-money bets.  As the weather turns cold, online poker is a great way to pass the time – especially when it costs nothing to win potentially life-changing pots.

There are some Freeroll tournaments open for any poker players, provided they meet the requirements and live in a jurisdiction where online poker is regulated.  In other cases, players are required to meet certain necessities in order to participate in the tournament.

However, the benefit of Freeroll tournaments is that players can compete without spending any of their own money or placing any real-money on the table.  And with no real-money on the table, the potential £/€100,000 payout is entirely profit for the player – which can help make the holiday budget a little more affordable.

Everyone wants something for nothing, and now that dream is a reality.  Join one of the world’s largest online poker rooms at no cost, and maneuvre your way to a potential £/€100,000 payout.