Online Poker Fans Faceoff In Heated £/€65,000 Sunday Showdown

by on Friday, November 1

Who doesn’t look forward to Sundays, the one day of the week that’s meant to be spent at home in a relaxed state of mind?  Sunday is also a big day for online poker fans eager to make some extra cash during their weekend off from the week at work.

The biggest 188Bet online poker tournament of the week happens on Sunday, aptly titled the £/€65,000 Sunday Showdown.  The weekly event begins every Sunday at 20:30 CET, approximately one hour after the coordinated universal time zone, and players can register for the tournament up to 90 minutes after the launch time.

Players can buy into the tournament with a £/€200 + £/€15 stake at the poker table, but there are also less expensive options to get involved.  Numerous satellite tournaments are available online every day which players can use to qualify for the Sunday Showdown event.  The cost to buy into the satellite tournaments is as little as £/€3 + £/€0.30, which is a much more affordable way to qualify for the big event – but it also requires consistently strong poker.

The Sunday Showdown is a No Limit Hold’em Freeze-out Special Tournament, meaning that the tournament goes on until the final player is left standing – or sitting at the table.  Each player joins the event with 5,000 chips, and the blinds increase every 15 minutes in high-stakes, exciting gameplay.

Qualify every week for an opportunity to become £/€65,000 richer – all it requires is a bit of skin in the game.