Online Poker New Player Invitation Offers Up To £/€6,000 For Skill

by on Monday, November 4

Are you new to 188Bet Poker?  Many people believe new is always better, particularly when something special comes out of a new experience.

Thankfully new poker players have something to look forward to by opening an online poker account.  The special something is free money to stake a spot at the next great poker table, which grows in size the more that players advance through each stage of the tournament.

There are special Freeroll tournaments available every Wednesday for as much as £/€500 per match.  The Freeroll tournaments begin at 18:00 GMT, and last for a duration of three hours.  Over that time, players can practice their skills while betting free money in preparation of the next great poker event.

Beginning at 21:00 GMT following the conclusion of the Freeroll tournaments, players will be invited to the £/€500 Added New Player Turbo tournament.  In this event, players deposit a simple £/€1.10 to take a seat at the table, and compete for a large share of the total prize pool.

So who classifies as a new player?  The rules indicate that players are eligible for the New Player Invitation bonuses for 6 weeks after registering an online poker account.  The timetable is monitored by casino operators, who ensure that any entitled bonuses are accounted for, provided terms and conditions are met.  As up to £/€1,000 is available every Wednesday over 6 weeks, players are eligible to receive an additional £/€6,000 on top of the amounts deposited into their online poker accounts.

Don’t miss out on these rewarding invitations – all you need to do is stake your spot at an online poker table, and play your best game!