Prepare For Terminator Genisys With Terminator II Slot Win Boost

by on Thursday, July 2

Fans of the Terminator franchise will see Arnold Schwarzenegger return to his iconic role as the hunter-killer machine in the new Terminator Genisys movie.  The film returns fans to the setting of one of the most iconic films of a generation, with a new twist on the classic story.

The most passionate Terminator fans insist that the first two films of the series informed the best of the franchise.  Seeing Schwarzenegger light up the screen as a villainous machine in the first movie, then switch roles to that of the hero against an even more dangerous killer remains a staple of action movie greatness to this day.

The second movie Terminator 2 spawned a spinoff of toys, games and other merchandise that are continuously revamped with modern technology.  One of those games is the Terminator II online slot, which brings back iconic staples of the films such as the sights, sounds, and characters of the hit movie.

To support the global interest in the new Terminator movie, the Terminator II online slot is the featured casino game of the week at 188BET casino.  Fans of the franchise can stake their bets to win on a game spawned from one of the greatest movies of all time, all the while preparing for the latest release in the film franchise.

During the promotional period, which lasts until July 7th at 11:59pm GMT, players can qualify for a special win boost by playing the Terminator II slot.  A winning spin may be submitted by the player for a 10 percent win boost, up to a maximum of £/€/$100.  That means if you win £/€/$1,000, you can claim the win boost and increase your total winnings to £/€/$1,100.

To claim the win boost, players must log into their 188BET online or mobile casino accounts and enter the promotional code TMT10 into the appropriate box on the promotions page.  All claims must be submitted no later than 7 days following the end of the promotional period.

Players must also follow the terms and conditions attached to the win boost promo to properly qualify for the win boost.  Once a claim is processed, the money will be deposited into the appropriate casino account within a 48 hour period.

The Terminator is back and so is your chance to claim huge winnings!  Prepare for the release of Terminator Genisys by taking your own trip through time back to Terminator II, in slot form.