7 Clubs With Real Odds Of Demotion From The Premier League

by on Friday, May 1

There are only four rounds left in the Premier League before a winner – the smart bets are on Chelsea – is crowned by the league.  But that also means there are only four weeks before three teams are no longer a part of the top division of football.

What’s really interesting is that even now, with four weeks remaining before three teams are relegated, there are seven football clubs that could potentially see their Premier League stints end on May 24th.  So what are the odds against those seven clubs?

Newcastle United

Out of all seven teams facing potential relegation, the Magpies have the best odds of avoiding demotion.  The club’s four remaining fixtures are all against lower seeded opponents, which is both good news and bad news – no stiff challenges from top flight rivals, yet important duels with teams fighting for their Premier League lives.

Working against Newcastle is the fact that the team has lost their last 7 consecutive league matchups.  Only five points separates the Magpies from relegation – is that enough to escape demotion?

Hull City

A 1-0 victory over Liverpool earlier in the week was huge for the Tigers as they jumped ahead of Aston Villa and Leicester City on the league table.  Unfortunately for fans of Hull, it won’t get any easier from here.

Three of the club’s final four fixtures are against teams near the top of the standings, including home games with Arsenal and Manchester United, plus a stop at White Hart Lane to face Tottenham.  While Hull is currently clear of relegation, their tough finish to the season is not comforting to a team with only 8 wins throughout the season.

Aston Villa

It’s a good thing that Aston Villa has a shot at the FA Cup trophy as their run in the Premier League is at risk.  Manchester City’s 3-2 victory over Villa last week left the Lions only two points clear of relegation.

Like Newcastle, Villa has a less hectic schedule to end the season.  Three of their final games are against teams in the bottom half, with an away game at St Mary’s Stadium against Southampton the only matchup against a team near the top.  Can the Lions jump over their rivals before the end?

Leicester City

The Foxes were considered doomed only one month ago but this team is proving exactly how much they want to remain in the Premier League.  Four consecutive wins followed by a tough loss to Chelsea have put Leicester out of relegation for the time being, yet still not clear enough to safely survive another season.

The Foxes face the Magpies on the weekend in a game that could level the odds for both clubs.  A home game against Southampton followed by two games against lower seeded teams will end the season at King Power Stadium.


The Black Cats have had a disappointing two months with only one win to show for their efforts.  Their shaky form in the back half has the team in the basement with a trip back to the Championship as their potential end game.

The one thing that Sunderland has going over their rivals is a game in hand due to a postponed meeting with Arsenal when the Gunners competed in the FA Cup semis.  However, that date with Arsenal is followed by an away game against Chelsea – not the best way for a team fighting for their lives to end the season.


The Rangers are one of three teams who were promoted last season, along with Leicester and Burnley.  Yet the London based club is only one point above dead last on the standings, and needs three full points, as well as another loss for Sunderland just to draw even with the Black Cats.

The remaining schedule is not a good one for QPR.  Three away games against Liverpool, Manchester City, and Leicester interjected with a home matchup against Newcastle will end this year’s run in the Premier League for the Rangers.  If there is a team that seems destined for demotion, it’s QPR.


While Burnley sits below the Rangers on the standings, the Clarets have what appears on paper to be an easier finish to the season than QPR.  Meetings with West Ham, Hull, Stoke, and Aston Villa are all that’s left for the Clarets.

Unfortunately their record heading into those four meetings is anything but impressive.  A shocking 1-0 win over Manchester City on March 14th is the only bright spot in Burnley’s record of late.  Are the Clarets destined to kick their last football in the Premier League?