The Biggest Moves In And Out Of The Premier League

by on Friday, August 8

Football season is only a few weeks away – cue the bets on which team is the strongest.  Fans in the UK can’t wait to get into the heat of the English Premier League action.  Can Manchester City hold onto their title or will a new champion be crowned by the end of the year?

As expected, teams have spent time and a lot of money bringing on or moving out players from their squads.  Many players were in demand following the World Cup in Brazil this summer and Premier League clubs went after the superstars with some big contract offers.  However, some of the most well known faces in the World Cup were shipped out of the Premier League to make room for fresh feet on the pitch.

One of the most important parts of the preseason trading block is the transfer fees that help move players in or out of the Premier League.  These fees can be as little as no cost for some teams, or could be among the most expensive fees paid by a football club to acquire or ship out a player.

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For example, the largest transfer fee in history was paid in 2013 when Tottenham agreed to transfer Gareth Bale to Real Madrid in La Liga for a record high £85.3 million.  That record remains unbroken so far this offseason, but there is still plenty of time and plenty of moves to be made before opening kickoff on August 16.

Even after the game kicks off again, players could still be moved in, out, or around the Premier League if one of the clubs decides that move is in their best interest.  Just when it appears starting squads are looking final for the season, a big unexpected move could come out of nowhere to shake things up again.

Regardless of who plays where and how much they are paid, one thing is definitely a safe bet – it’s going to be an exciting year.  Are you ready for some football?