Manchester United Wants Sergio Ramos For David De Gea

by on Monday, June 22

The David De Gea lottery is one of the ongoing sagas at Manchester United this offseason.  The keeper has expressed an interest in returning to his native Spain, and suiting up with La Liga runners up Real Madrid.

A deal with Bernabeu is moving ahead for De Gea, but the Red Devils are not giving up their star keeper without a price.  According to sources with the Guardian, Manchester United is willing to transfer De Gea to Real Madrid in exchange for defender Sergio Ramos.

Ramos is signed with Real Madrid until 2017, but there is reportedly tension between the 29 year old central defender and his football club.  After 10 seasons together, it appears that Ramos is ready to move on and United is betting they can use De Gea as leverage to bring the defender to their side.

There is a difference between United’s situation with De Gea, and Real’s position with Ramos.  De Gea’s contract at Old Trafford is up, and the keeper is officially a free agent provided an extension is left unsigned with United.  Ramos still has a full two years on his contract.

That means the Red Devils are betting they can make a deal happen with De Gea rather than allowing the keeper to become a free agent.  Bernabeu can take their time with Ramos, but may be willing to add the defender as a good faith payment for the De Gea transfer.  If tensions are as high between Ramos and the club as suggested, Real may prefer unloading him now than allowing his time at Bernabeu to play out for another two years.

What do you think?  Will De Gea officially transfer to Real Madrid, and will Ramos swap places to Old Trafford?  The De Gea transfer seems inevitable; the odds on Ramos are less secure, but anything can happen.