European Poker Tour Hosts 10th Season Finale In Monte Carlo Bay Casino

by on Wednesday, February 5

The tenth season of the European Poker Tour is underway, with more live events on the schedule than ever before.  The EPT has now unveiled the schedule for the grand finale beginning on April 23, which will be played inside the Monte Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort in Monaco.

The Monte Carlo leg of the tour will provide up to 40 tables where players can ante up the cash buy in, with some matches requiring as little as £/€/$330.  There is also a £/€/$100,000 no limit Hold’em super high roller event, the third of its kind that will run from April 24 until April 26.  Players can also take part in the £/€/$25,500 no limit Hold’em event from April 30 until May 2.

But the highlight of the tour’s final leg is of course, the grand finale – the £/€/$10,600 no limit Hold’em main event that runs from April 26 until May 2.  Players will be able to buy into the event on April 26 and April 27, as both days will be classified as entry days.  Players who remain in chip standing after the two entry days will then continue onto Day 2 on April 28.

The main event can make the winner of the tournament a very wealthy poker player.  In 2013, Steve O’Dwyer navigated ahead of 530 other poker players to win over £/€/$1.2 million.  The EPT projects the 2014 grand finale will be even grander than the previous year, which could result in an even larger first place prize.

Players can prepare for the EPT grand finale by registering accounts in online poker rooms, and compete against similar devoted poker players located around the world.  EPT will welcome proven players to Monte Carlo in April – will you be ready to go all in?